Sola-Folda 2.0

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

solar window blinds ? - solaire,energia, solares paneles

Colorful translucent solar + Solar Battery demonstronstration
25 Watt weighs 7oz or 200grams
12 Watt weighs 3.5oz or 100grams
Both models support Apple Shuffle, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Watch aswell as Android and Windows tablets and many other devices.
You can also tether SolaFolda in series or parallel for larger, more powerful solar arrays.

Lightest, Smallest, Lowest Cost, Translucent Solar Panel on Earth!

Customize the backside of SolaFolda with graphics or a flag.

Donate to help bring this idea to market

Options: Clear, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Gold, Pink.

A bare panel with no power electronics is available for solar arrays of +100 watts.
*Currently a 3-4 week processing delay time before shipping.
+ Pricing could change on scaled-up production

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prototype - Sola-Folda 3.0 - Pico Solar Charger 12 Watt

We are almost ready to display are working model of our flagship design, here is an early prototype of Sola-Folda 3.0 - Pico Solar Charger 12Watt

This was a good effort but we were not satisfied with the height or thickness... so back to the drawing board we went...We now have a firm design target..

Projected specifications:
100 Gram weight
0.50` or less slim profile
5.1V @ +2A - 12 Watts capable
charge 1-2 or more devices at one-time

more details and price coming soon...

*February 11, 2015
 little update:

Did it.. sloppy svelte 0.5" thick prototype on left side 99grams weight.. Our less than 2 weeks old design (shown in previous video) on right 107grams..

Additionally we are going to launch a fundraiser campaign within the next few days... and guess where the proceeds go - SolarCross - solar electric bike -

..2015 - 2016 = Sola-Folda Stretch Goals 
- High efficiency flexible thin film - Cadmium telluride. (CdTe) <Wikipedia - has the smallest carbon footprint, lowest water use and shortest energy payback time of all solar technologies>
- Utilize environment friendly materials
- Donation program to help less fortunate
- Weekly Prize..