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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prototype - Sola-Folda 3.0 - Pico Solar Charger 12 Watt

We are almost ready to display are working model of our flagship design, here is an early prototype of Sola-Folda 3.0 - Pico Solar Charger 12Watt

This was a good effort but we were not satisfied with the height or thickness... so back to the drawing board we went...We now have a firm design target..

Projected specifications:
100 Gram weight
0.50` or less slim profile
5.1V @ +2A - 12 Watts capable
charge 1-2 or more devices at one-time

more details and price coming soon...

*February 11, 2015
 little update:

Did it.. sloppy svelte 0.5" thick prototype on left side 99grams weight.. Our less than 2 weeks old design (shown in previous video) on right 107grams..

Additionally we are going to launch a fundraiser campaign within the next few days... and guess where the proceeds go - SolarCross - solar electric bike -

..2015 - 2016 = Sola-Folda Stretch Goals 
- High efficiency flexible thin film - Cadmium telluride. (CdTe) <Wikipedia - has the smallest carbon footprint, lowest water use and shortest energy payback time of all solar technologies>
- Utilize environment friendly materials
- Donation program to help less fortunate
- Weekly Prize..


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